Benefits of Senturion Guardian

No software to install

Machine Learning to detect threats

No Coding Needed

Automated Remediation of security threats

Easy to Setup


AWS Resources Compromised

Data stolen

Breach discovered days or months later

Loss of business and reputation


Set Automation Rule

Detect Threat or Breach

Disable Compromised Resource or User

Send Notification

Threat Dashboard

  • Intuitive Threat Dashboard
  • Quickly see Threats by Account
  • See number of Threats by Type
  • Easy to Navigate Options

AWS GuardDuty Integration

Get notified when AWS GuardDuty findings occur. Automate actions with custom rules for individual finding types. Detect and stop EVERY AWS GuardDuty Threat that occurs in your AWS Account.

IAM Threat Protection

Get notified of AWS GuardDuty IAM findings. Stop any IAM based threat that AWS GuardDuty can detect. Automate the disabling of user accounts or access keys until finding can be investigated further.

EC2 Threat Protection

Get notified of AWS GuardDuty EC2 findings. Stop any EC2 based threat that AWS GuardDuty detects. Automate the shutdown of compromised EC2 instances or create snapshots for forensic investigation.

Always On Auditing

Ensure no one can turn off CloudTrail log collection to AWS S3. This is key to knowing what is going on in your AWS accounts for auditing and security purposes.