Here’s are some testimonials from our clients about Senturion Guardian

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“We are very pleased with our investment in setting up Senturion Guardian. It has given us piece of mind knowing our AWS accounts are protected and threats are shutdown when they are discovered.”

JTS Technology

“Outstanding solution does what it says. Best of all there are no agents to install on our resources since AWS GuardDuty is used to detect the threats.”

Wrestling Tournament Tracker

“We tried to build an automated solution on our but just didn’t have the expertise to pull it off. Senturion Guardian was able to fill the gap by using AWS GuardDuty to detect threats and allow us to just setup the rules we wanted to react to threats. Now we know compromised EC2 instances will be shutdown and snapshots created.”


“We have no in-house security team to fill certain security gaps in our AWS environment and Senturion Guardian was exactly what we were looking for. Best of all we didn’t have to write any code to get the solution working.”